STOCK: List of items in sales / VSAT items for sale

The availability of new telecommunication products is a major concern in the Central Africa subregion, which is why we strive to have constantly available stock to satisfy customers.

photoIdirect 5300

photoIdirect X1

photoIdirect X3

photoRomantis UHP-1000

photoAdaptateur N-F

photoCâble RG6

photoCâble RG11

photoConnecteur F

photoConnecteur N

photoConnecteurs BNC

photoprodelin 1.8m

photoprodelin 2.4m



photoBUC C-Band 5W

photoBUC C-Band 10W

photoBUC Ku-Band 3W

photoBUC Ku-Band 4W

photoLNB PLL C-Band

photoLNB PLL Ku-Band