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Traffic management in a local area network has become a sensitive issue in the operation of organizations, Companies complain of always spending more and never being satisfied. Sometimes the problem is not always at the level of the service provided, but how this service is used.

In order to guarantee the efficient use of the bandwidth provided, we favor the deployment of the Mikrotik routing solution which offers a very good value for money.

Mikrotik Mikrotik offers a range of cheap routers with a multitude of features:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring: allows you to view the bandwidth actually consumed globally and individually, thus confirming that the satellite bandwidth paid is what is provided. There is also the possibility of viewing the bandwidth of each station connected to the network
  • Bandwidth segmentation: allows to limit the bandwidth on each station of the local network
  • The firewall:Mikrotik gives the possibility to control the traffic that passes through the network, so the company can decide to pass on the Internet only the applications useful to the company and to block the rest of the traffic, which reduces Considerably the bandwidth consumption
  • The flexibility of the connections: the Mikrotik router can be installed on a VSAT connection, a fiber optic connection, a wimax connection, a 3G key, etc ...
  • Managing multiple connections: it is possible to install multiple connections on a Mikrotik router and configure them so that the local network never fails
  • Traffic Prioritization: Decides who is entitled to or not connected to the Internet without performing physical disconnects
  • VPN: allows to interconnect the local network of agencies distant geographically from the Internet
  • Fiber optic interconnection of sites

CAMTEL, the national telecom operator in Cameroon, deploys Fiber Optic from city centers to the most remote areas of the hinterland. To facilitate the connection of users, we implement Mikrotik products to make the Internet connection via Fiber Optic available at low cost