Service / VSAT

  • Antenna l
  • Telstar 11n
  • Yamal 402
  • Africasat 1a
  • Antenna
  • 1db-compression
  • Antenna

We highlight our experience in providing quality connectivity services based on strategic partners that make customer satisfaction a top priority.

The main satellites used are: Africasat 1a in band C, Telstar 11N and YAMAL 402 in band Ku, The covers on Cameroon are sufficient to guarantee the stability of the links with an antenna of diameter 1.8m for Band C and 1.2m for band Ku. These satellites allow us to have a global coverage of the sub-region Central Africa.

The Idirect platform is very well known and used by the majority of satellite teleports with its wide range of modems X1, X3, X5, 5300, etc... Nevertheless, Romantis technology is increasingly demonstrating the use of dedicated bandwidths using fewer satellite resources with the UHP modem range

We also implement a monitoring tool (cacti) allowing the customer not only to analyze its bandwidth consumption, better still to know in real time the levels of transmission/reception signal as well as the temperature of the modems of each site in production. All this with the aim of quickly detecting possible problems and anticipating the actions to be taken.